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Enameled Copper Butterflies

Blue butterfly on a garden stem

Hand-made, hand enameled Copper Butterflies
make beautiful indoor and outdoor ornaments.

I am the Only Hand-Made-to-order enamel on copper butterfly supplier in the world.
You can order and purchase these one-of-a-kind enameled butterflies only
from here and my sister site.

These are individually crafted from pure copper, one at a time, and each is individually enameled with numerous coats of enamel fired at 1,450 degrees F.
All are completely weather-proof.

Although these can be made in any color you choose, no two will ever be
identical because of the nature of enamel and because each is hand formed.

Click each image for a larger view.

On left -  one butterfly on
a garden stem - click image to enlarge
On right, two butterflies on
a wrapping stem - click image


The butterflies are soldered to a thin, copper 'garden stem' the upper portion of which has been annealed, which makes it very flexible so that the butterflies bob in the breeze.

Others are soldered to a copper 'wrapping stem' you can wrap around plant stems. You can have from one to five butterflies on a  wrapping stem and one to three attached to a garden stem for inserting into the ground or a planter. You can have butterflies in any color scheme you want and from about an inch across to eight inches across. Create your own composition. Request several sizes and colors on one stem or several stems each with a different color scheme.

To request a quote, click here. This will take you to my butterfly ordering site and form.

Please Note! These butterflies are one-of-a-kind works of art.
They are very beautiful  and available only from me (so far as I know)
and nowhere else in the world
. Each one takes many hours to make
so they a bit expensive.  For me to make them and you to have them, they have to be.