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An Informal Pond Garden

How to design a pond and garden
as an integrated whole

 an informal pond

 An Informal Pond

Let's see how it was done and why it was done like this.

Below is the space as it was. A walled rectangle with wonderful potential in serious need of development. Lot's of plants, but not a landscape. No outdoor living area, not inviting, not even really enjoyable to see. All in all, a pretty uninviting garden space.

 garden waiting for an informal pond

 A great space in need of re-design

What would you do with this space? The owner wanted an informal garden off the kitchen and was open to having a water feature. This photo was taken at the edge of the garden, just outside the kitchen sliding door. He liked plants and wanted it pretty lush and he wanted it to be fun. Below is the design I did for him.

A long, narrow setting such as this cannot be effectively used as a single area and lends itself very well to division. Here the space was divided into three different ‘rooms’, each with a different look and offering different sorts of experiences and sensory pleasures. There is the front, informal garden room, the transitional, alcove room and the formal garden in the rear. These are unified through the existing brick walls and by the addition of the wrought iron work which runs the length of the side walls with a higher wrought iron design on the end wall.

design plan with informal pond 

 Landscape Design Plan With Pond

Landscape Design:

In the new design, an arbor leads the visitor from the front room to the second garden room, the alcove, designed for private use by one or two. As the plants grow up on either side of the iron arbor this will become completely secluded, not visible from neighboring buildings or from anywhere else within the garden
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