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  • GardenViews
    Portfolio showing a lot of remarkable gardens in the before, in-progress and after stages.

  • Learning Vacations In America
    A site offering a great variety of learning and cultural vacations in one of the most beautiful areas in North America.

  • Landscape Design Garden Plans
    Lots of great info on all facets of landscape design, free garden plans and garden construction information.

  • White Creek Images
    An astonishing resource for fine art prints and images from a select group among America's finest artists.

  • Perennially Yours
    Great source for learning about perennials and how to use them.

  • Small Garden Design, themes, plans & ideas
    A nicely done site which uses many of Keith Davitt's small garden designs and has a lot of other valuable resources for the small yard gardener as well.

  • Home Decor
    Home & Garden Decor Resources & Directory with a lot of useful and desirable ideas and resources

  • Moher Stone
    Selling beautiful Mohar Stone - a truly beautiful natural stone that can be used in so many ways in the landscape.

  • Home and Garden Inspiration - Canadian style
    A lot of good, solid, practical and inspiring advice and information for dealing with a lot of common garden problems.

  • Ornamental garden ceramics - great near water
    Artful ceramic creations by Katrina Trinick - Individual hand built ceramic sculpture and water features for the garden or conservatory. Inspired by natural forms, fossils and ancient carvings of labyrinths and spirals.

  • Shower Filters
    Water Filters and Filtration Systems and Water Purifying units from Aquasana Water