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Miniature Zen Gardens In Brass & Copper
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Water Features On Line and my sister site, Landscape Design Garden Plans are the only sources in the world to offer custom made Zen gardens.

 Miniature Zen Garden


 These miniature Zen gardens are gorgeous. Each dish is hand made, one at a time, from heavy gage, solid brass or copper with a lovely sheen, with solid copper railings with mitered joints. The tools are also hand made, from solid copper. They have a nice heft which makes them easy to use.

The sand is the finest grade, white, pure sand, not ground silicon. The stones are real, completely natural stones, selected for their character and combined according to their harmonies and contrasts. Although two stones are shown here, three come with each Zen garden. The dimensions of the Zen gardens above and below are ten inches square with one inch tall sides plus the railing. If you'd like another size, simply specify through my contact page and I'll email you a quote.

 Before you buy here, search the net and ask yourself about each of the Zen gardens you find: Is it attractive? Will it last? Is it made of natural materials? And above all, will it work? Will you gain satisfaction creating sand patterns or is it too small or poorly made? Are the tools badly made, is the sand to coarse to give deep patterns and are the rakes properly designed or will they just push the sand around? (If the tines are too thick, or the sand too coarse, that is what will happen.)

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 miniature zen garden

  Miniature Zen Garden in brass and copper

Zen gardens made with Zen practices. Here is a comment from my last customer:

"Hi Keith,

I got the Zen Garden!!!   It's great - you did an awesome job!!!

Thank you so much for all your efforts in assuring that I had it for


 There are an infinite number of sand patterns possible - from traditional to utterly unique. Create your own designs, keep them as long as you like, pick up the lovely tray, give it a shake and start over. Each table top Zen garden comes with more than enough sand to fill the tray, so you have extra.

Should you ever become tired of making sand raking gardens with stone, you will still have a beautiful brass dish with copper railings you can use for an infinite number of things - beautiful planting-pot dishes (they're water-tight), serving trays, display trays, miniature gardens - no end of uses.

 The barrels of the rakes can be rested on the rounded railings to make perfectly even designs along the edge and because of the pleasant weight of the rakes you can easily manipulate with considerable precision. The price for the 10" X 10" brass Zen garden, with sand, large and small rake and three distinctive stones is $225.00 plus state tax and shipping. Remember, each is hand-made and fully guaranteed - if this is not all you hoped it would be, send it back within two weeks and I'll refund your payment, and, I'll pay the shipping.

 miniature zen garden

Unique Miniature Zen Garden
in brass and copper or all copper, 9" X 11", 10" X 10" - $225.00

Included are the brass or copper tray with copper railings, a solid copper rake, (all hand made) two rocks, enough pure, fine white sand to fill the tray plus 2 cups extra.

For custom orders (at no extra charge except the cost of the extra metal), click here. (Be sure to specify the size you want.)