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The highest quality hand-made, one of a kind
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 miniature gardens MINIATURE GARDENS 
  Miniature landscape in a heavy plastic bonsai dish on the left. On the right in Copper

 miniature zen garden

 Miniature Zen Garden in copper with copper rakes


My miniature landscapes  and miniature Zen gardens are unique. (I think I am the only one making them anywhere.) Each is hand made from solid copper or brass (not plate) with copper railings. To learn about the miniature landscapes, or dish gardens, click here.



miniature zen garden   miniature zen garden  miniature zen garden



These are the highest quality miniature Zen gardens you can find – they are NOT the flimsy little sets with wood sides, card board bottom and light-weight rakes (that don't work well.) All the Zen gardens I've found out there cause more frustration rather than instill peace. That's because they are too small and/or cheaply made and the tools too light-weight to have any control over. Ours are on another level altogether.

 Before you buy here, search the net and ask yourself about each of the Zen gardens you find: Is it attractive? Will it last? Is it made of natural materials? And above all, will it work? Will you gain satisfaction creating sand patterns or is it too small or poorly made. Are the tools badly made, is the sand too coarse to give deep patterns and are the rakes properly designed or will they just push the sand around? (If the tines are too thick, or the sand too coarse, that is what will happen.)



Each of my Zen garden is completely hand made from solid copper or brass with mitered copper railings. 


The sand is safe-sand – natural, pure, white and very fine – again, the best that exists. (If it isn't safe-sand, it is probably ground-silicon and it isn't safe.)

 miniature zen garden  zen garden rake  miniature zen garden

The tools are individually hand made with a copper barrel cross-piece, copper tines and copper handle. Besides being beautiful,  they have a nice heft to them – you can make beautiful designs in the sand – keep the designs as long as you like and make another one easily when you’re ready for a change.

The rocks are chosen for their character and combined according to their harmonies and contrasts.


Should you decide at some point that you've had enough Zen Garden making for now, you can use the lovely dishes for a variety of other purposes and store the sand, rocks and tools in a plastic bag.


All My Gardens Come With a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, send it back within two weeks for a complete refund, and I'll even pay the shipping. I want you to be happy. Not sold.



I will create your miniature Zen garden to your specifications. Just tell me the dimensions and whether you want a bright copper finish with a clear lacquer coat, a flame finish or a natural finish and I'll create the miniature Zen garden of your wishes, complete with rakes. The cost will not be greater because it is custom made, because they are all custom made. The price will be determined by the size. To tell me what you want and how you want it, click here and I'll quote you a price.

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 The item below is a 7" X 11", hand made, Copper Miniature Zen Garden and sells for $95.00, complete with rake, sand and stones. Click the link immediately above to request information on any size you'd like and I will quote you a price. Standard state tax and shipping will be added in paypal.

 miniature zen garden

 11" X 7" Miniature Zen Garden