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    Home for water features information of all kinds - indoor water features, outdoor water feature - pictures and how to build every sort of water feature and water garden

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  • Water Garden Articles
    Free source for water gardening articles, water features articles including practical information as well as inspiring water feature ideas and water feature pictures.

    • The Magic of Water gardens
      Essay on the beauty and value of water features for helping to relax you and give you peace and contentment while contemplating the world of your water gardens.

    • The Truth About Mosquitos and Water Gardens
      Article on how to eliminate mosquitos from your yard and why mosquitos are nor a problem in water features

    • Bio-filter
      Wondering just what is a bio-filter and how does a bio-filter work for your pond? This concise article on pond bio-filters will clear up most of your questions about clear water ponds.

    • The Seven Deadly Sins of Pond-keeping
      What not to do when planning and building a pond in preparation for an enjoyble experience pond-keeping

    • Filtration and Pumps
      All about filtration systems and pumps for water features. Wondering how to have clear water in your pond. This article on filtration and pumps should help clear things up.

    • Pond Pump & Energy Use
      Confused about pond pump costs and running costs? This article clearly explains the advantages and disavantages of energy-efficient pumps vs. non-energy efficient pumps.

    • Pond Size
      This article will help you decide what pond size, big, small or in between when you build your new pond.

    • Pond Filtration Made Easy
      Pond filtration is an important and often poorly understood dimension of water gardening. This artlce helps clarify the various aspects of pond filtration.

    • formal-pond
      How and why to build a formal pond or water feature

    • planting-formal-watergardens
      Planting the formal pond

    • formal-pond-equipment
      Equipment for the formal pond

  • Designing With Water Features
    Learn how to designing with water features, utilizing every kind of water feature for your landscape designs.

    • Wall Fountains
      In this section we show a variety of landscape design projects with wall fountains as key components with information on how to design with wall fountains and how to install wall fountains

      • Small Garden With Wall Fountain Project1
        Small garden design project with a wall fountain as a key component. See how much pleasure a simple wall fountain can bring to your garden.

      • Wall Fountain and Basin Project
        A narrow site becomes magical with tile murals and a wall fountain and basin. The murals are of an italian landscape in the abstract and the water feature is an italian wall fountain

    • Informal Pond Garden
      Demonstrates how to design an informal pond garden with the pond well integrated into the garden. Discusses design principles with links to 'how to build a pond'.

    • How to ornament the pond
      Wondering how to ornament the pond you just built? Here are some principles that can help guide you in your selections.

    • Backyard Pond
      Have a small corner of your property that is plenty visible but never gets used? Ever thought of turning it into a backyard pond, with your own backyard waterfall?

    • Front Yard Pond
      Here we look at a front yard design with a front yard pond that is hidden from the street but visible from the home.

    • Backyard Fountain In An Urban Oasis
      This article shows how a backyard fountain forms the centerpiece of an urban oasis.

    • Garden Stream
      A garden stream transforms an ordinary patio into a beautiful place to be, now graced with its own stream garden.

    • Bog Garden
      Ever thought of having a bog garden? You can grow a wide variety of interesting plants that will only grow in a bog or bog garden

  • How To Build Waterfeatures

    • Backyard Ponds
      Backyard ponds are easy to build and if you build your garden pond properly, will give you years of delight, with a backyard waterfall added.

    • Build A liner Pond
      This illustrated article tells you how to build a liner pond a pond using a flexible liner, including everything from placement to waterfalls.

    • Backyard ponds of concrete
      Need to know to build beautiful backyard ponds, or backyard fish ponds? In this article we address the backyard pond made from concrete and we show a number of pictures of backyard ponds.

    • Preformed Liner Pond
      The preformed liner pond. Does your backyard feature water in beautiful display? Looking for easy backyard ponds, perhaps with a backyard waterfall? This article tells you how to do it.

    • Backyard Waterfalls
      How to build backyard waterfalls that look right and work well. Pool waterfalls instructions and beautiful pictures of waterfalls.

    • Formal fountain Free-Standing
      Installation instructions for a free-standing formal fountain

    • Raised Formal Fountain
      garden fountains bring a world of delight to your garden. Here you can learn how to build the raised formal fountain.

    • Formal Fountains - inground
      How to build formal fountains, inground. Everything you need to know, with pictures of fountains, to build a formal water feature that is ground level, using a linerl.

    • Tub gardens
      how to build tub gardens - complete instructions with illustrations and images and info on water garden ponds supply sources

    • Wall fountain installation
      How to install wall fountains

  • Informal ponds pictures

  • Formal water features pictures
    pictures of a few formal water features

  • WaterfallsPics

  • Water Plants (Aquatics)
    Many species of water lily pictures and other water garden plant pictures for your viewing pleasure.

    • Acorus calamus
      Brief description and pictures of acorus calamus, or sweetflag

    • Anacharis
      Anacharis is a valuable submersible plant in the water garden or pond because of its nitrate-using function and as a home for fry, and food for fish

    • Cattails
      Cattails can be a fine addition to the pond when the right species are chosen and properly planted

    • Water Lilies
      Looking for information on water lilies? Want to see water lily pictures? Here you will find all you need to know to plant and grow waterlilies, including hardy water lilies and tropical water lilies.

    • Houttuynia cordata
      Houttuynia is a perennial and makes an excellent bog or water garden plant when grown in a container.

  • Water Garden Books
    Great water garden books and reviews

  • Water Features CD
    cd showing hundreds of water features pictures with instructions for building all types of watergardens.

  • Miniature Zen Gardens In Brass
    Miniature Zen Gardens in solid bronze and copper. These table top Zen gardens are not available anywhere else in the world.

  • Indoor Water Features
    Indoor water features and taple top water gardens and miniature water features of copper, stone, live plants and flowing water

  • Landscape Design Cds
    Each cd contains a wealth of information and images demonstrating design principles in the creation of beautiful gardens and water features.

  • Butterflies
    butterflies - enameled butterflies - beautiful enamel over copper butterflies on garden stems or wrapping stems. One-of-a-kind, custome made to order enameled butterflies. No two are alike.

  • Butterfly Pictures
    Pictures of butterflies

  • Butterfly Gardens
    butterfly gardens - how to create a butterfly garden and how to attract butterflies.

  • Plant-trays
    Offering custom made copper plant trays, humidity trays and window boxes

  • Suppliers
    A message about aquascape designs and listing of top quality water garden product suppliers

  • keith davitt bio
    Bio of author/photographer, designer/builder, Keith Davitt

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