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A Wall Fountain Brings
The Soothing Sound Of Water
To The Garden

Lead Wall Fountain

This small space had little enough going for it, but it also had a lot of potential. When I walked the space with the client, her husband kept yelling out from the house, "No Water." After about the third time, thinking they had a water problem I asked, "Shouldn't you go check on that? Sounds like you've lost your water." She laughed and informed me that they had seen my books and knew I was inclined to use water features in the gardens I design and her husband was against doing that. He thought it was not appropriate for their garden. He was telling me not to design in a water feature.


small space waiting for a garden

 A small space waiting for a garden

But in the course of working on their design, it seemed to me that what this garden design with the existing brick wall just called out for was a wall fountain, and that call came through louder than my client's husband.

The arrow points to a wall fountain. The idea was that this would provide that delicious sound of water falling into water, audible from everywhere in the garden and especially from within the summer house, or pergola.

design plan

They both liked the design very much, so I built this landscape, including the water feature. This is it, below. Quite a difference yes?
 A Small Garden Designed
 After - The Small Garden With A Wall Fountain


 The Wall Fountain Beyond the Arbor Wall Fountain

 A Wall Fountain Beyond

What do you notice about it?

This wall fountain is in three parts, an upper spout, a small basin and a larger basin. Each of these is a separate unite, cemented and bolted into the wall, But notice that you can't see any plumbing or electrical. Take a closer look.

 Lead Wall Fountain - no plumbing showing

 Lead Wall Fountain in three parts

How was this achieved? With a lot of work. You cut the brick from the wall with an angle grinder and chip out as much cement as necessary to fit in a PVC pipe large enough for the electric cord plug to pass through, going downward. Another PVC pipe goes upward, large enough to fit the tubing from the pump to the spout.

You must then trim down the pieces of brick you cut out in order to fit them back in the wall, over the PVC. Then cement them back in with a strong bonding agent such as 'Thin Set'. Look below to see the finished garden.

 lead wall fountain

 Plumbing and electric are built into the wall.

 Small Garden With A Wall Fountain

 The completed small garden with wall fountain

To learn more about landscape design and construction, go to www.landscape-design-garden-plans.com

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