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Why Water Gardens?


In my twenty years of designing and building landscapes I have found no single feature more effective in bringing charm and grace, beauty and magic to a garden as a water feature. Where else can you find placid calm and eternal movement melded into a shimmering display of brilliant color and caressing sound and dancing light and varied life forms performing for your daily pleasure - all in a few square feet? Water gardens have a quality of brightness, of life ‑ they give a sense of immediacy, they tend to pull you into the moment and into the garden in a way few other elements can.


They also add value to your home. A well designed and constructed water feature, whether a natural pond or a formal fountain is special. It adds another dimension to the garden and sets it off as a place more extraordinary than others ‑ more unique and consequently, more desirable.

Water gardens are not the finicky, time consuming items of infinite demand they once were and many people still think them to be, quite the contrary. Even ponds, the most demanding of the various water features, requires far less work than a lawn or perennial border. But what about mosquitoes, you ask?  The presence of fish and the movement of water prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Not sometimes, not most of the mosquitoes but all of them, all the time, with only one fish.


With recent developments in materials for construction, water gardens are relatively easy and inexpensive to install. No matter how small an area you have, there is a water feature which will turn that space into a place more wonderful to be and to see.


There are water filled wine barrels planted and stocked, streams and wall fountains, raised fountains, natural pools and waterfalls. What they all have in common is that each contains water and re-circulates the water in ornamental display by means of a hidden, usually submersible pump. Each can be a considerable asset in the right place and one or more of these features is probably right for you and for your garden.


Need more reasons for having a water feature? Imagine this:


You come home from your busy day of work or errands and meetings and obligations, drop your things and stroll out to your garden. Even as you step out the door you hear the sounds of water gently falling into water and what a luscious sound it is. You pull over a comfortable chair or bench and stretch out by your little pond or tub or stream, and spend a few moments watching the fish in their wonderful, watery world. They seem content, happy even, as they chase one another about or glide among the lily leaves or play under the oxygen-rich waterfall. You enter into another world, of fish and water and exotic water plants. And for now you are content and at peace. And when you leave you are a little bit restored and ready to go on, knowing you have this peaceful place waiting for you.

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