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The articles below are all about working, (and playing) with water gardens, water features, ponds, wall fountains and all kinds of water garden related things.

I am adding water gardening articles often so come back if you don't find what you're looking for. Check the How To Build section to see how to build ponds with a liner, how to build waterfallstub gardenswall fountains, formal fountains and more. And don't miss the Designing With Water section which shows a number of landscapes designed with a water feature as an integral component.

If you would like information on any aspect of water gardening or water features, let me know and I'll put it up for you. My aim is to provide water gardeners and people looking for ornamental water features of all kinds with all the information they could ever want. Of course, this will take a while...

If you're considering building a pond and are wondering what size, you might find our article, Pond Size, Large or Small to be of value.

Need to know about pumps and filtration? You'll find sound information in several articles listed below.


  • The Magic of Water gardens
    Essay on the beauty and value of water features for helping to relax you and give you peace and contentment while contemplating the world of your water gardens.

  • The Truth About Mosquitos and Water Gardens
    Article on how to eliminate mosquitos from your yard and why mosquitos are nor a problem in water features

  • Bio-filter
    Wondering just what is a bio-filter and how does a bio-filter work for your pond? This concise article on pond bio-filters will clear up most of your questions about clear water ponds.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Pond-keeping
    What not to do when planning and building a pond in preparation for an enjoyble experience pond-keeping

  • Filtration and Pumps
    All about filtration systems and pumps for water features. Wondering how to have clear water in your pond. This article on filtration and pumps should help clear things up.

  • Pond Pump & Energy Use
    Confused about pond pump costs and running costs? This article clearly explains the advantages and disavantages of energy-efficient pumps vs. non-energy efficient pumps.

  • Pond Size
    This article will help you decide what pond size, big, small or in between when you build your new pond.

  • Pond Filtration Made Easy
    Pond filtration is an important and often poorly understood dimension of water gardening. This artlce helps clarify the various aspects of pond filtration.

  • formal-pond
    How and why to build a formal pond or water feature

  • planting-formal-watergardens
    Planting the formal pond

  • formal-pond-equipment
    Equipment for the formal pond

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