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Water Plants (aquatics)
Articles and Pictures

  • Acorus calamus
    Brief description and pictures of acorus calamus, or sweetflag

  • Anacharis
    Anacharis is a valuable submersible plant in the water garden or pond because of its nitrate-using function and as a home for fry, and food for fish

  • Cattails
    Cattails can be a fine addition to the pond when the right species are chosen and properly planted

  • Water Lilies
    Looking for information on water lilies? Want to see water lily pictures? Here you will find all you need to know to plant and grow waterlilies, including hardy water lilies and tropical water lilies.

  • Houttuynia cordata
    Houttuynia is a perennial and makes an excellent bog or water garden plant when grown in a container.

 pond plants - cattails pond plant pictures - submerged plants-anacharis   water lily pictures



 Blue star

 water lily pictures  pond plant picture - lotus water garden plants 

 Albert Greeenberg

 Charles B. Thomas

 Chinese Chestnut


 water lily pictures - Red Flair  pond plant picture - dwarf bamboo pond plant pictures - water lily firecrest 

Red Flair 

 Dwarf bamboo


 lily water pond plant picture - water lily - panama pacific  margin plants  lily water pond plant picture - water lily Lily McCarnea

 Panama Pacific

 Dela Deal

 Lily McCarnea

 floating plants  Pickerel  cattail

 Parrotts feather


Variagated cattail

 water poppy  pond plant picture - water lily red flare pond plant picture - water lily rosy man 

 Water poppy

Red flare

 Rosy man

 pond plant picture - water lily tai-zen  lily water pond plant picture - water lily texas dawn  houtinia


 Texas dawn

Houtinia cordata

 lily water pond plant picture - lotus  water iris  planting depths for water plants

 White, hardy lotus

 Pledge Iris

 Planting depths

 water lily aquatic - blue  aquatics - water-lily-rose acorus, or sweetflag

 Blue water lily

Rose water lily





 Charles Thomas (Purple Water Lily)